The child cruncher

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'Got you!' growled a harsh voice. 'You're coming with me!' But I said, 'One moment, please. I have to ask my dad first...Dad! I'm being kidnapped by a big, ugly villain. Is that all right?' 'Oh, that's fine,' Dad replied. 'Just remember to brush your teeth. Have fun.' One summer evening, Molly is so bored that she dreams up an adventure with a fierce villain. But if her dream comes true -and she is kidnapped by an ogre -life is not as exciting as Molly had hoped. She even has to rescue her clumsy captor! And then her big ugly villain turns out to be an ordinary child cruncher. What a disappointment! Instead of going on all sorts of adventures, he only wants to eat her up. Luckily Molly knows just what to do...