Stichting Geef Om Elkaar

Let's go !

Doneer 5

'Let's go,' says the boy in the red jumper. The reader does just that, and becomes the centre of the action in this unfolding adventure. A young boy with a wild imagination makes a trip to the corner shop to buy apples. It isn't far. Indeed, it's just a quick walk through the garden, but the boy's sense of wonder transforms an everyday errand into an odyssey. In the garden, a small coppice becomes a huge, dark wood with fire-breathing dragons and a sleeping giant. A pond becomes the high seas teeming with sharks and marauding pirates. There's a clever twist too. The boy asks the reader to join him on the expedition. Illustrations full of glorious detail show the scenes from above. The reader uses this birds - eye perspective to guide the boy through the adventure and even lends a hand by turning the pages to escape looming danger!