I feel a foot

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Imaginations run wild as five friends try to find out who is making night noises... Turtle and friends are fast asleep in their hammock. Suddenly, Turtle wakes up and whispers, `Do you hear what I hear?' And so begins a detective tale with a twist. Who's making the noise? The animals in the hammock - Turtle, Bat, Octopus, Bird and Goat - let their imaginations run riot. Is it a giant bat? Or a bird with a huge beak? Perhaps it's a tur - bat - octo - bird - billy? After much guessing, it turns out to be a friendly elephant. The animals invite Elephant to join them in their hammock and soon new wild imaginings about the night noises begin all over again. A witty nocturnal guessing game from the author - illustrator team who created Tangram Cat.