Bert, get off the crane

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Bert causes mayhem on the building site but surprisingly he's also the hero of the day! Every day, Bert stands behind the fence of the building site and watches the steamroller, the cement truck and the crane in action. Bert would really like to drive the big machines himself. One day, he does and flattens a car with the steamroller, pours co ncrete on the road and even hoists a police car up by the crane! But surprisingly Bert is the hero of the day and deserves a reward. This is a picture book with a clever visual sub - plot. As soon as you reach the end, go back to the beginning to find all th e picture clues and see Bert foil a bank robbery. There's so much for children to enjoy - the detailed illustrations of the machines in action, the chaos and of course the clever back - to - front solving of the mystery.